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We take pride in providing excellent service to our clients. We go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of.  Many of our clients have never had to hire a lawyer before. Working with a lawyer doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Tenants rights isn’t just what we do, it’s our passion. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say about us: ​

Cortney J.

San Francisco, CA October 19, 2017

Working with this firm has been a breeze. From speaking with Marie to getting free advice from Tony, I very much felt taken care of. Dealing with a threatening landlord is extremely stressful and it is hard to know whether you'll be okay when everything is all said and done, and with this firm I know if I have to call back I will be 100% taken care of. The advice I was given was priceless and I am forever grateful!

Abe F.

San Francisco, CA March 13, 2018

I cannot say enough good things about Daniel W Wayne. He has been tremendous help, support and an expert for my case that I am so glad he was the attorney representing me. He was very responsive throughout the process, took time to explain and discuss the situation over the phone and in the office with me several times and ensure I am comfortable with the legal guidance provided. He was very thoughtful and knows his stuff!!!

In many instances, he went above and beyond to get things done and ensure we have success. To all tenants and prospects, I strongly recommend Daniel W Wayne for your case. He is great at what he does!!!

Sarah H.

San Francisco, CA March 25, 2018

My husband and I are ever so grateful to Daniel and his staff. We had a pretty nuanced and unusual (as per Daniel) buyout situation that stretched out over the span of a year. Daniel always fought for us and encouraged us to have high standards and not settle for less. As a result, we turned down the highest buyout offer we received and consequently were able to stay in our apartment through a change in ownership--a very happy ending indeed. Because we'd signed a contract with Daniel that he'd get paid a percentage of the settlement, and we never settled, we actually never paid him a dime...and yet, he and his staff were generously available and communicative with us on a regular basis over the course of that year. I HIGHLY recommend him for all your tenancy issues.

Xochitl L.

Oakland, CA March 29, 2018

I'm so grateful for Daniel Wayne & Tony Burchell, they offered SO much helpful useful information -- it was the boost we needed for sure. I feel confident knowing that we have the Law Offices of Daniel W Wayne on our side because our landlord & property manager has used some pretty low harassment maneuvers that rendered me immobile with fear for too long so, thank you for lifting that fear.

Girlie G.

San Francisco, CA September 18, 2017

I can't say enough good things about Daniel Wayne. Our family was cheated out of a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco by a really unscrupulous real estate agent who represented the owner. In my opinion, she was a total crook. The owner was not well served by her. She made illegal entries, screamed threats to us, broke the law every which way. Made our lives miserable.

The whole conflict could've been solved with a little generosity or common sense on the landlords part. A little politeness. A little respect. Or maybe just a basic understanding of the rent ordinance in the city. My family and I were willing to compromise. But it became clear that this manager was on the warpath to get rid of us.

After dealing with the stress month after month after month, seeing the effect on our kids, we just wanted out of there and far away from this difficult woman and her complicit management company. We vacated. We thought moving would solve it. But it didn't. This crazy greedy landlady and her inept management company just kept coming after us, with jaw dropping greed and lawyers in tow. We really couldn't figure out why.Having to deal with them nine months after we've moved out? That was the final straw. We felt victimized, and turned to Daniel for help.

Lisa G.

San Francisco, CA September 2, 2017

Daniel was extremely helpful. He was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. I inquired about a rental issue I was having and he answered all of my questions without asking for payment or asking me to be a client. He was just open to helping me with my situation. I felt way more relaxed about my situation after speaking with him. Having a tense living situation can be quite distressing so having a calm expert to speak with and guide me through the process and outline the next steps was exactly what I needed. I will definitely work with him should my issue escalate. I highly recommend contacting Daniel Wayne to help resolve your tenant issues.

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